Learn How to Compose a Quality Comment!

An important skill to learn as a blogger is the art of the quality comment. It’s easy to write:

  • this is cool!!!!! visit my blog!!

  • I like your blog. It is nice. Please visit mine. 

It takes time, practice, and a bit more thought to become a quality commenter.

Below is a fabulous video I made with my students many moons ago. This classic will teach you five steps to help take your comments to the next level!


Tell us about a terrific comment you received on your blog.

What made it a quality comment?

How did it make you feel?


SBC Weekly Challenges

Introductions will last for TWO weeks. That way, more students will have a chance to join given the current remote learning challenges.


Five CONTINENTS are represented here. Look at all the COUNTRIES! More will be added in the next two weeks.  I wonder if any South American countries will join?

Tasks for my students over the next two weeks:

Compare and Contrast post:

  • Use Britannica to research the United States. (I also put a link in our Google Classroom.)
  • Choose a country that is in the SBC to compare and contrast. (See the blue chart above)
  • Research that country in Britannica. Write a post comparing (how we are alike) and contrasting (how we are different)?
  • Pictures for the post? It is okay to use flag photos from Britannica.

Student Blogging Challenge link